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    Od: TeamQuest Sp. z o.o. <n...@T...PL>

    The company is focused on the Atlassian ecosystem and agile
    methodology. On a daily basis, the company's developers are
    involved in all areas of development (vision, design,
    implementation, testing, maintenance) of several Atlassian
    products.The company is a leading Jira add-on vendor, offering
    useful tools for both Server and Cloud, solid support to customers
    and evaluators and Atlassian suite expertise. She is focused on
    the Atlassian ecosystem and agile methodology since day one in
    2007. Several software teams in the company work directly with
    Atlassian on world-famous products, such as Jira Software or
    Bamboo. In March 2016 she has entered the Microsoft VisualStudio
    Marketplace with a new incarnation of Agile Cards, dedicated for
    VisualStudio Team Services users. If You: Have knowledge of
    writing robust and reliable systems; Can ensure performance,
    quality and security aspects while building a product that
    delivers an awesome user experience; Enjoy discussing innovative
    ideas and code with your peers, coming up with great product
    solutions, and passing on your knowledge to others - Then we are
    the place for you! Join us for the position in GDAŃSK:

    ***** Senior Java Developer / Senior Java Programmer

    ***** The Key Responsibilities:

    * Engage with other developers, front-end designers, product managers,
    and performance engineers
    * Liaise with technical leads and architects to promote great software
    design and quality
    * Drive innovation by coming up with new and surprising ideas for our
    products and processes
    * Develop awersome new features front-end to back-end as part of a
    * Point out issues with the existing architecture and code, and clean
    it up

    ***** Desired skills & experience:

    * Excellent understanding and working knowledge of Java
    * We do not close to other programming languages. If you're good at
    Python, .Net, C # and others, we"ll be happy to talk to you
    * Deep architectural understanding of web applications
    * Good knowledge in some back-end technologies such as Spring,
    Hibernate, Lucene, SQL
    * Superior creative and innovative problem-solving skills
    * Initiative and the ability to work independently and as part of team
    * Excellent communication skills with fluent English (both spoken and
    * Knowledge of open source libraries, tools, and frameworks, e.g. for
    logging, wiring, testing and building. The more the merrier!
    * Experience with agile software development methodologies like XP and
    * Knowledge of some of the standard front-end technologies such as
    CSS, JavaScript (we use JQuery), REST and JSON
    * Broad knowledge and understanding of the industry
    * Wide experience of successful and failed projects
    * Ability to slice and dice problems so they can be worked on by
    several people
    * Desire and ability to mentor junior developers
    * Relaxed yet enthusiastic attitude
    * 5 to 10 years (or more) in a professional development role

    ***** Nice to have:

    * Excitement for the latest trends in application design
    * Interest in learning more about new languages and frameworks

    ***** Benefits offered:

    * Attractive salary
    * Relocation package 5k + Base gross salary (0th salary) paid out on a
    start day
    * The opportunity to grow around people from Gdansk, Sydney, San
    Francisco, Amsterdam and other cities around the globe
    * Impact! Atlassian tools are used by millions of users around the
    * Education Bonus: 7500 PLN/year (you choose what kind of training you
    would like to spend it on)
    * Ergonomic and user friendly equipment (computers, standing desks,
    and Aeron chairs)
    * Fully stocked kitchen (coffee, tea, yogurts, cornflakes, soft
    drinks, sweets at your disposal)
    * Private medical healthcare
    * Life insurance
    * Multisport card (50% covered by Spartez)
    * Thousands of interesting customers, including NASA, Sony, and the
    United Nations

    Aplikuj tu / Send your CV:
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    W przesłanych materiałach prosimy o dopisanie klauzuli
    następującej treści:

    Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych dla potrzeb tej i
    kolejnych rekrutacji (zgodnie z ustawą o ochronie danych
    osobowych z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 roku t.j. Dz.U.2016 poz. 922).
    Jednocześnie wyrażam zgodę na udostępnienie moich danych
    osobowych potencjalnym pracodawcom.

    Potwierdzam prawdziwość powyższych danych i zgadzam się na
    przetwarzanie i administrowanie moimi danymi, które podałem/am
    do wiadomości TeamQuest Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie 00-814
    Warszawa ul. Miedziana 3A lok. 21 do celów rekrutacji
    pracowników. Jednocześnie oświadczam, że zostałam/em
    poinformowana/y iż administratorem moich danych jest TeamQuest
    Sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie 00-814 Warszawa ul. Miedziana
    3A lok. 21 oraz że moje dane mogą zostać przekazane
    potencjalnym pracodawcom oraz, że mam prawo dostępu do treści
    swoich danych, prawo ich poprawiania, prawo sprzeciwu wobec ich
    przetwarzania w wyżej opisanym celu oraz wobec przekazywania
    danych innym podmiotom, a także prawo zażądania zaprzestania
    przetwarzania moich danych osobowych ze względu na moją
    szczególną sytuację. Podanie danych jest dobrowolne.
    Jednocześnie wyrażam zgodę na podejmowanie czynności mających
    na celu weryfikacje prawdziwości przekazanych przeze mnie
    dokumentów i informacji w nich zawartych.
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